Soay and Boreray sheep. At Back Forest Farm our aim is simple - breed the finest Soay and Boreray rare breed sheep - period.


We have been breeding Soay and Boreray sheep for almost 15 years.  We have bred our flock from some of the world's finest foundation stock.

They are bred for their variety, temperament, colour variety and horn type.



Lambing LATEST

Please contact us if you wish to enhance an existing flock or start a new flock - as one of the leading breeders we should be able to satisfy all your needs.



soay & boreray

Our sheep are bred in the tranquil and unspoilt Peak National Park which ensures a perfect temperament.

Over the many years we have honed the genetics of our flocks to provide some of the widest diversity of sheep to be seen in Soay and Boreray flocks anywhere.